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Dr Doolittle, Greenwich Cinema, London SE12
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"Funny in parts, some of it was a bit silly though. Some of the voices didn't go with the characters, things like that. Altogether it's a good film, worth a day out."

- Jo Tindall, 13, Shooter's Hill

"I prefer the original, to tell you the truth. It was all right, funny, it made me laugh, a good all- round film. Some of the jokes are a bit cringy for an adult, but my children came out smiling."

- Julie Tindall, 38, secretary, Shooter's Hill

"I love this kind of film, but I don't think it's because of the jokes. They make me laugh because they are so bad, the toilet humour really dies in films like Dumb and Dumber. I found it good fun, but I wouldn't recommend it for grown-ups unless you can put your tongue in cheek."

- Sally Wright, 24, unemployed, Blackheath

"I am a real animals fan, and if they are talking, even better. I liked the rat because he was a really nasty personality and had the best jokes. And I wouldn't mind taking the tiger home as a pet. Eddie Murphy was all right - he surprised me, actually, because I had forgotten that he has funny facial expressions."

Roy McIntosh, 78, retired, Cumbernauld

"The animals looked very real. I didn't understand some of it. I liked when the human was pushed aside to let the animals go to the toilet and that the human was more stupid than them."

Philip Dunn, 10, Forest Hill

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