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Iain Gale asked prominent visitors to the new room, 'Does the Tate really need its new space for contemporary art?'

"Only if the work shown is chosen by a panel of people - perhaps people who write about art - and represents a true cross-section of British art. It should give an opportunity to artists who have no other chance of having a voice. It should not be Nick Serota's [Director of the Tate] choice." Agi Katz, Dealer, Boundary Gallery

"I think it's a great idea - contemporary art has become marginalised at the Tate because of space restrictions. So this room is a very laudable attempt to do something in that area in advance of the new gallery being built at Bankside." Karsten Schubert, Dealer

"I think it's appalling. Look at the schedule and look at the curators - Frances Morris and Sean Rainbird. What variety are you going to get with them in charge? There are so many good young artists out there but this is just going to be the Arts Council definition of art: 'If its not cutting edge, its not worthwhile'." Karen Wright, Editor, 'Modern Painters'

"I'm glad this is happening. It's clearly modelled on the projects rooms at Moma in New York. Its success will depend on how attractive it is as a space and how adaptable it is to the needs of the artists. My only reservation is how the Tate's approach will distinguish itself from the one-person shows at the ICA, the Serpentine, Chisenhale and Camden. It would be a shame if it drew artists away from those venues." Greg Hilty, Curator, South Bank

"Oh dear. I just don't see anything in this sort of approach any more. All I can do is answer the question with a dozen other questions. If it is a 'good thing' then who is it good for? Who's in charge? Are we just going to get more of the same old stuff? I can't see it opening things up. Bernard Jacobson, Dealer

"It has to be a good thing. But I'd like the Tate to go further, to exhibit artists straight from college at museum level.The Tate needs some real balls: why not exhibit work by emerging artists; why not give them some hope." Jibby Beane, Dealer