Exit Poll: Andreas Gursky - Photographs 1994-1998 Serpentine Gallery London


23, photography assistant, London

They are absolutely fantastic.

The images are incredibly sharp and detailed, and I wonder how much is real, or whether a special camera was used and the images manipulated. That human beings are so tiny was particularly striking, as even though they populate these beautiful environments, they look locked in and seem very lonely.


60, retired, London

It's a good exhibition, particularly for someone like me who doesn't like abstract art. The photographs are very interesting, for instance landscapes that you recognise at first, but not when you look closer.

This is much more accessible than the usual Serpentine exhibitions. Because it's more figurative, when I have only 10 minutes to have a look I can get more satisfaction.


25, student, London

I was very interested in how it is done. They are photographs, but made up as well. There is a touch of technology. It is very well done so it's hard to find any evidence of this, but you know that the shot couldn't fit in a camera frame, or a particular shot would distort.

It's stunningly abstract, such as a photograph of Times Square looking like a series of blocks.


49, photographer, London

It's lovely work. Some of it is very tranquil, some of it is very contrived.

Although there are fantastic images, very big, and determined to have quite an effect, I think they are more intentionally banal than intentionally moving.