Exit Poll: The exhibition - The Turner prize Tate Gallery London

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18, student,


"Better than last year. It's more self-explanatory; there is more to go on and to lead you to what they are trying to say and do, although the writing on the artists is surprisingly bland and unimaginative, which means that you have to search for the understanding yourself. Which is fine if you have some knowledge already. This is probably why my favourite is Chris Ofili, as he is the only one I have heard of before."


18, student,


"I think Chris Ofili is the best. It has been quite controversial, what with the elephant dung. But I think it is not controversy for the sake of it; if you have an understanding of that kind of art, it made sense. It was very varied stuff, and interesting to have the video work in there as well. I was quite surprised to see photograph and video in a fine-art context. But it was very accessible."


43, teacher,


"Well, I find it quite an interesting exhibition. I have come from Norway to see art in England and have seen some of these works before. I found all of them interesting, but especially the work of Sam Taylor-Wood; the restaurant video with all these happy people eating their lunches and this woman, quite desperate, and a man of whom you only see the hands. It's quite special, very emotional and quite disturbing. Video is art. Of course it is."


30, TV editor, London

"It is a shame there is some quite crap painting involved. But it's better than last year; there is more diversity and it is better quality. The immediate impact of each room was totally different each time; the onslaught of bright colour from Chris Ofili, the dark blackboards by Tacita Dean, Sam Taylor-Wood's work which is very emotion-led, and the intricate models by Cathy de Monchaux. Fantastic."