Exit Poll: The Vagina Monologues, The King's Head London

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30, unemployed, London

"She evaluates women very well. I think it's highly astute. And it was hilarious; it cracked me up. You could tell the audience really liked her, she is so natural and talks directly and openly. She confronts the reality of the experiences women have."


38, psychologist, London

"I enjoyed it very much. I liked the way it managed to be serious as well as funny. And I was very moved, especially by the monologue about a woman from a Bosnian rape camp. It was extraordinary in its diversity of subjects. In some sense she managed a very complex subject very cleverly, and I think that has a lot to do with the tone."


20, student


"It was great. I really enjoyed the way she told her stories through characters. It felt more real, especially as so many of the monologues were quite extraordinary. It is interesting to see how gender is treated in the theatre, and why this has been so successful."


40, publisher,


"What was nice is it was graphic without being gross. In a proper context, the subject is enjoyable and refreshing. The women in the audience certainly seemed to love it. She is not a feminist by any means. She sets things up without making you feel uncomfortable, and she combines a good mix of storytelling rhythm and stand-up riffs."