Exit Poll: The Warhol Look - Barbican, London

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"Some of the realistic art is more interesting. I don't understand the connecton between him and Hollywood. I read all the literature, but that only helped a little bit"

Chung Man, 19, Oxford, student

"I was actually comparing it with the Ikon exhibition in the Royal Academy. It was OK, but one has seen those images so often that I came away a little disappointed."

Valerie Dunsmore, 68, Birmingham, retired

"For me, one of the most important aspects was to think of a transition in this show in terms of new production, at least with New York artists. I would say that it seems that everything is in there. What I have been experiencing in New York city, in terms of flatness and in terms of deconstruction, is that this guy was talking that kind of language 20 years ago. To go back to Warhol is much more interesting than the production happening now. Warhol extends this thing about fakeness further."

Daniel Feingold, 43, New York, graphic designer

"I liked very much was you see here that Warhol is part of the social sculpture. I would say that was very revealing from how different work is put together. Some of his life represents socialism and other parts could symbolise capitalism."

Milton Machado, 51, Brazil, lawyer

"I have never seen any Warhol stuff before, so found it very interesting, especially being able to see the other parts of what he did. The contrast is very important, in art in general. The gallery itself is very good because there is a lot of information."

Lydia Francis, 44, South London, artist