Exit Poll: Voodoo Lounge, Leicester Square, London

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I LIKE IT, it's nicely decorated and I like the Terry O'Neill photographs. The one of Terence Stamp and Jean Shrimpton I want. I want to join, but the membership is full up. The licensing hours are good, the furniture is great, and even the toilets are nice. I'll be coming back. I just hope they don't have an arsey door policy because the bouncer was giving it the big I-am and I don't think London needs another place like that.

Lancelot Narayan, 29, press officer, London

IT'S REALLY lovely. It's very soothing. It's obviously early days for the staff but they look great. And the licensing hours are great. It's for the discerning drinker and even though it's in the heart of London, you would feel comfortable bringing your other half here. A lot of bars around the centre you wouldn't because of men ogling.

Colin Tyirer, 27, restaurant manager, London

I THINK THE way they have put the thing together, in terms of the lighting and the styling, is extremely well done. This is really comfortable, though you feel slightly underdressed. It is a really impressive building. It's more intimate than the Atlantic, which is like a factory. I like the individual sections; their different shapes give the place an intimate atmosphere."

Pip Charsley, 33, manager, London

THE FIRE EFFECT behind the bar is really amazing. I also like the music because I am a bit fed up with the boom-boom-boom; here, you can chat and enjoy the music at the same time. I love the lift and the fact that they have kept the original features. I was expecting more leopardskin warmth. Everything is white so it kind of freezes you.

Henrietta Rendle, 29, tour guide, London

I DON'T REALLY see Mick Jagger choosing this for his home: he's definitely done this for tax reasons. It's cool. I would come back. This bar is nicer than the VIP bar; I don' t want to go there. It has little tiny chairs, you have to sit up straight rather than lounge."

James Farmer, 24, publishing executive, London