Fall Out Boy apologise to fans for their music being massively overplayed

The emo band said they had no idea they would be played so much on sports channel ESPN

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Fall Out Boy have said sorry to their fans for their music being played so often during the College Football Playoff on ESPN.

Bassist Pete Wentz told Fox Sports that he couldn't watch the games because his own music featured to heavily.

"I watched it a little bit. It’s a little bit crazy to watch with your song in it so much. People are always like: 'Hey it’s starting to get annoying!'"

The channel uses the band's song Centuries in the playoffs advert, which is played very frequently by the channel.


Wentz added: "We realise that it was [getting] to the point where it was getting under people’s skin. We didn’t really know that’s how it was going to be, because obviously this was the first college playoffs and stuff.

"But, at the same time, there’s was a lot of people who probably wouldn’t have heard of our band who have heard of it.

He had one final message for fans: "Hopefully we didn’t annoy you too badly!"