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THIS COULD be one of those stories about the perfect holiday wardrobe. Or it could be another story - a sequel to last week's fashion pages - about the photographer and his friend who just happens to be a model.

In fact, it's both: the photographer Miles Aldridge and his girlfriend Jocelyn West - one of the new school-of-Kate- Moss faces of 1993 - went to Cordoba, in Southern Spain, for Easter week and took a bag of clothes with them. So the emphasis was on travelling light - but not on the kind of holiday wardrobe fashion editors have recommended since the dawn of the package tour: three white T-shirts, one pair of espadrilles, one pair of Chinos and a versatile navy jacket. Nor were our two new age travellers particularly exercised by the question of whether to fold or roll.

Instead, they took a bag-full that incorporated three of the important fashion elements for this summer - ankle- length skirts, see-through chiffon prints and a mish-mash of second-hand items. Together they made up the slightly scruffy, neo-hippy look that most English girls under the age of 30 already seem particularly comfortable with.

In Spain, with the help of dusty roads and the early summer light, the story lent itself easily to the theme of a travelling circus troupe - Picasso's Saltimbanques invoked once more in the name of fashion. And as a backdrop, the festivals of the Semana Santa rollocked on, part Bacchanalia, part Roman Catholic ritual, a licence for the people of Andalusia to drink themselves stupid in the name of the Madonna and sleep it off in the morning sun.

This is a look that is easy to replicate - the clothes are culled from a mix of British high-street and second-hand shops, with a bit of Katharine Hamnett thrown in. To recreate the setting, however, is more difficult. I know last week we said exotic locations were out. But that's fashion for you.