Fashion for the Nineties

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THERE they'll be in 60 years, Linda and Christy and Kate and Naomi - still supermodelling into their nineties. In reality, it's unlikely. But these pictures take the cult of the older model to its logical conclusion. The models - some of them as old as the century - agreed to wear the funkiest clothes of the season for the American photographer Kurt Markus. They all come from Omaha, Nebraska, which has, apparently, a particularly good supply of feisty pensioners, many of whom still live on their own and look after themselves. The Department of Ageing (yes, Department of Ageing) went to a great deal of trouble to help cast the right shapes and sizes, and to choose the ones who had, in the words of Mr Markus's assistant, 'lots of energy, so they could spend the whole day with us'. By all the reports they enjoyed it, but we have no idea whether, in the time-honoured tradition of fashion shoots, they got to take the clothes home.

(Photographs omitted)