Fast Track: Are You A People Person?

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Henley Management College has identified seven core emotional skills that provide the basis for emotional intelligence. Do you have what it takes?

Awareness of your own feelings, matched by an ability to control them rather than let them get the better of you. This awareness is driven by a degree of self-belief that leads you to feel you can manage your emotions and control your impact in the workplace.

Emotional resilience - the ability to perform consistently in a range of situations under pressure and to adapt your behaviour appropriately. Includes the ability to retain your focus in the face of personal criticism.

Motivation - the drive and energy to achieve results, make an impact and balance short- and long-term goals.

The ability to take other people's needs and perceptions into account when you are making decisions.

Influence - persuasive skills.

Decisiveness - the ability to arrive at clear decisions and drive them through when presented with incomplete or ambiguous information, using both logic and emotion.

Conscientiousness and integrity - the ability to display clear commitment to a course of action in the face of challenge, and to match words and deeds.