Festival Number 6: Five minutes with Temples

The band reveal who their ideal festival headline act would be

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1. Describe your music in three words

Secretive,  Progressive, Brain

2. If you owned a festival, what would you call it and why?

Radio Gnome because I'd ask David Allen to pick all the bands.

3. Who from the Festival No. 6 line-up is your must see act?

Jon Hopkins

4. Name 5 people (dead and alive) you would like to go to a festival with

Mick Farren, Tim Hardin, David Crosby, The Allah Las, Samuel Toms

5. What’s your best festival moment?

We went to Glastonbury for the very first time this year, and we had the pleasure of playing it too. It's the biggest music festival on Earth and it was an honour to be a part of it.

6. What was your first album?

I remember being given Pink Floyd records, while I was buying the Sex Pistols. I couldn't say which came first.

7. Who would be your ideal headlining act at a festival?

The Byrds in various carnations

8. Who were your biggest music influences?

Gene Clark, Neil Young, Pentangle, Pink Floyd, Gong, Michael Rother, Roger Waters.

9. What or who inspires you?

Music which creates an entire world around itself. All my favourite records do it. It's more descriptive than any book and more expressive than any painting.

10. What’s coming up for you in the next year?

Lots of touring. We're taking Sun Structures to as many people as possible. We achieved all we wanted to with our first record in the studio, so in November we will begin to record what's to come, which we can't wait to do.