FFOD dollars & DRINK / Justin de Blank's Daily Bread: What the Belgravia caterer ate one day last week

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I ALWAYS start the day with a cup of fennel tea made from a sachet. It's not as good as proper fennel tea but it's difficult to find fresh fennel in London. For breakfast I had a plain two-egg omelette, which I cooked myself, and two cups of coffee. I'm following the French diet devised by M. Montignac, not too seriously - I have lost 16lbs in the last six weeks, painlessly. Mid-morning I had a cup of coffee at a meeting - quite different to my own coffee, which is Colombian, freshly roast and ground. We lunched in the boardroom and sent out to Tesco for sandwiches - I had half a round of prawn and half a round of ham and lettuce, with mineral water. Afterwards we went to a tasting of new ideas for fast foods for an international catering group, so by 5.30pm I was full. Back in London, the General Trading Company was holding a Greek promotion evening - deep fried squid rings with tzatziki, spanakabitta, which are feta cheese and spinach parcels, and kofte meatballs with tomato sauce, all delicious. Then I raced home - my wife had cooked poussin for me and the three children. I shared a poussin with my youngest daughter, Clementine, who is 11 - she had the white meat and I had the brown. No vegetables with it - just a glass of water. At 10.30pm my MD came round with a friend. We all had a large glass of Calvados. Then I went to bed.

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