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Frank Capra might have loved The Wedding Singer (left) - those cosy small- town values, that sweet rapport between the waitress (Drew Barrymore) and the weekend crooner (Adam Sandler) so wrecked at being dumped at the altar by his previous girlfriend that when he is called upon to perform Madonna's "Holiday" he has to snarl the words through gritted teeth. The movie is prickly in places, charmingly goofy in others and peppered with delicious cameos from, among others, Steve Buscemi and Alexis Arquette.

On general release.

Neil Jordan's second feature The Company of Wolves is an over-ripe adult fairytale whose eerie timelessness has prevented it from dating - the movie's daring can still make you giddy. Look out for the Ballet Rambert dancer Micha Bergese as the big bad wolf and Terence Stamp appearing briefly as the Devil rolling through the woods in a chauffeur-driven limousine.

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