Film '93: Personal Bests

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I found (Brian De Palma's forthcoming) Carlito's Way fantastic and memorable, but I honestly don't expect it to be my highlight of the year. I haven't seen any of the films I think will be highlights, like Naked, Raining Stones and The Piano. River Phoenix's death was a lowlight - he was in two films I was producing, Dark Blood and Interview with the Vampire. It was more upsetting because I got to like him a lot - after all a movie is only a movie.

Nik Powell is a producer and a founder of Palace Pictures


I liked (Robert De Niro's first film as director), A Bronx Tale - it was very predictable that he should choose a subject he felt comfortable with, but it was good fun. The Piano was wonderful, but introduced us into this intriguing community and didn't tell us anything about it. I thought Sam Neill was living by himself in the jungle, and suddenly the town was putting on this play.

Les Blair was the director of 'Bad Behaviour'


I really liked Naked, and The Piano was wonderful; so beautifully made with these wonderful melodramatic moments. I saw it in Cannes and was very happy for Jane Campion, that she got all that attention. Watch out next year for Robert Altman's Short Cuts, which I saw in preview - though I did find many of the characters too unsympathetic.

Steve Woolley was the producer of 'The Crying Game'


My favourite was the French film Un Coeur en Hiver. Because I think I am that guy, I am that violin repair man. A couple of people I knew who saw the film called me up and said, 'You'd better go see this, his name's even Stefan.' I'm not saying that he was a great character, but it was a great movie.

Steven Soderbergh directed 'Sex, lies and videotape'. His new film, 'King of the Hill', is

released this week


My movie of the year is Groundhog Day, although I haven't seen it, totally on the basis of the trailer which was funnier than most of the movies that I have seen.

Jack Dee is a comedian


My top 10 films, in no particular order, are: The Piano, Leolo, In the Line of Fire, The Story of Qiu Ju, Falling Down, The Quince Tree Sun, Naked, Reservoir Dogs, Careful and Groundhog Day.

Sheila Johnston reviews films for the 'Independent'