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European Cinema of the Avant Garde This season concludes with Kuhle Wampe, oder Wem Gehoert Die Welt?, scripted by Brecht (22 Feb), and the unmissable double-bill of Un Chien Andalou and The Blood of a Poet (1 Mar). Arts Cinema, Market Passage, CB2 (0223-352001).

Wings of Desire David Forgacs lectures on 'Photography, Pornography and the Framing of Bodies' (24 Feb), and Ginette Vincendeau on 'Remaking French Femininity' (3 Mar). Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Av, CB2 (0223-352001).

DUBLIN Film Festival Beginning on 22 Feb with Billie August's The House of the Spirits, starring Meryl Streep, Winona Ryder and Jeremy Irons, the festival offers 151 films from 40 countries. They include Pedro Almodovar's Kika (24 Feb), Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused (26 Feb), Percy Adlon's Younger and Younger (26 Feb), Kieslowski's Three Colours White (1 Mar) and Juzo Itami's study of organised crime Minbo - or The Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion (2 Mar) which resulted in a near-fatal knife attack on the director. Within the festival is a Jeremy Irons retrospective featuring a preview of the David Cronenberg-helmed M Butterfly (27/28 Feb) and coincides with an open interview with Irons (23 Feb). There is also a showcase of Latin American cinema, and screenings of Short Cuts (Feb 26) and Denys Arcand's Love and Human Remains (Feb 27) before the festival ends breathlessly on 3 Mar. Various venues (Festival Info Hotline Freephone -1 800 679 679; Enq 677 8555).


Animation Plus A major exhibition of artwork by over 70 contemporary animators from around the world, encompassing early pioneers such as Norman McLaren, Len Lye and Leni Riefenstahl and recent work from Aardman Animations and the Quay Brothers. From tomorrow until 19 March. Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde, 22 Richmond Street, Glasgow (041-552 4400).

British Technicolor More classic screenings from Technicolor's first 10 years. Highlights include Zoltan Korda's The Four Feathers (23 Feb), Henry V (9 Mar) and the wondrous Powell / Pressburger gem A Matter of Life and Death (16 Mar). Film Theatre, 10 Rose St, G3 (041-332 6535)

Women in Action Genres An illustrated seminar: Yvonne Tasker, the author of Spectacular Bodies, will lead a discussion on women within and outside the law in The Silence of the Lambs and Thelma and Louise (19 Feb). A screening of the latter completes the current Bad Girls season. Film Theatre, 10 Rose St, G3 (041-332 6535)

LANCASTER Rough Crossings Three very different movies, all set at sea: Fellini's little-seen oddity And the Ship Sails On (21 Feb), Bette Davis in Now Voyager (27 Feb) and a pre-Jurassic Park Sam Neill in the unnerving Dead Calm (11 Mar). The Dukes, Moor Lane, LA1 (0524 66645)


Bergman: Words and Images To coincide with the publication this month of Images - My Life in Film by Ingmar Bergman, the NFT screens The Magic Flute (18 Feb), his interpretation of Mozart's opera, and Cries and Whispers (Feb 25). NFT, South Bank, SE1 (071-928 3232)

Wild West Entertainment Rodeo hero and coach to the stars Ted Cody will be demonstrating tricks of the trade. Audience participation encouraged. 23 Feb, MOMI, South Bank (071-928 3232)


Bad Girls The ubiquitous season: Programme One, 'Hell's Belles' (19/20 Feb), contains work by Sadie Benning and Beth B. Programme Two, 'The Agony and the Ecstasy', plays on 22,23 Feb. Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford St, M1 (061-228 2463)

James Elroy This highly respected crime writer will introduce a screening of the underrated, wryly comic Cop, starring James Woods, which was adapted from Elroy's novel Blood on the Moon (21 Feb). Cornerhouse (061-228 2463)