FILM / Best of the Reps

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BIRMINGHAM The Cement Garden Ian McEwan will discuss Andrew Birkin's film of his 1978 novel. 10 May, Electric Cinema, Station St, B5 (021-643 7277)

BRADFORD European Film Festival The celebration of European cinema draws to a close this weekend with previews of the Taviani Brothers' Fiorile (8 May) and, as part of the Roberto Benigni season, The Little Devil (6 / 8 May), starring Benigni and Walter Matthau. The Bertolucci retrospective offers Robert De Niro and Gerard Depardieu in the epic two-part 1900 (6 / 7 May), and Brando giving the performance of his life in Last Tango in Paris (7 May). Film Theatre, Chapel St, Little Germany, BD1 (0274- 820666)

BRISTOL Wild Things The Eighth Lesbian and Gay Film Festival reaches Bristol. Films featured are Richard Glatzer's funky comedy Grief (6-8 May), Ryosuke Hashiguchi's powerful A Touch of Fever (10-12 May) and Rose Troche's spirited, hilarious Go Fish (12 May). Watershed Media Centre, 1 Canon's Rd, BS1 (0272-253845)


Designs of the Times This highly successful season hits Cambridge with Jonas Grimas's urban fairy-tale Marooned and Kubrick's crazed Dr Strangelove (8 May). Arts Cinema, Market Passage, CB2 (0223-352001)

Visions of light Tonight: Dennis Hopper's Easy Rider. Arts Cinema, as above


Germany: After The Wall A week of films examining a new Germany from the inside, including Andreas Dresen's Silent Country (9 May) and Andreas Kleinert's Lost Landscape (11 May). Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Rd, EH3 (031-228 2688)

Life With Lynch Beginning with his terrifying Eraserhead (9-11 May). Continues with The Elephant Man (17 May), Wild at Heart (25/26 May) and Blue Velvet (5 June). Filmhouse, as above


Fellini tribute Three works: Roma (11 / 12 May), And The Ship Sails On (18 / 19 May) and Ginger and Fred (25 / 26 May). Film Theatre, 12 Rose St, G3 (041-332 6535)

New Visions: International Zeitgeist This festival of film, video and media, with an emphasis on the experimental, ends tomorrow. Film Theatre, as above

Screen Surrealism A new season begins with Dali and Bunuel's Un Chien Andalou, screened here with Bunuel's The Phantom of Liberty and introduced by Eva Peronda (10 May). Forthcoming treats include compulsive double-bills from Jean Vigo (17 May) and Jan Svankmajer (21 May). Film Theatre, as above

LANCASTER Wild Wild West Offering such rare delights as Sergio Corbucci's infamous Django (6 May), Howard Hawks' Rio Bravo (8 May) and the gore-spattered Soldier Blue (9 May). This week, a 'day school' in the western (7 May): James Chapman will present and discuss screenings of John Ford's My Darling Clementine and Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven, and examine the enduring fascination of this genre. The Dukes Cinema, Moor Lane, LA1 (0524-66645)

LEICESTER Chinese Season The best in modern Chinese cinema, with Zhang Yimou's haunting Raise The Red Lantern (8 May) and Tian Zhuangzhuang's The Blue Kite (16/17 May). Phoenix Arts, 11 Newarke St, LE1 (0533-554854)


Brando: The Wild One The Brando season presses on with A Streetcar Named Desire (7 May), The Wild One (8 May) and The Fugitive Kind (12 May). NFT, South Bank, SE1 (928 3232)

A Separate Cinema Early black cinema, with heavyweight champ Joe Louis's acting debut, Spirit of Youth (tonight), and Bronze Buckaroo (11 May) which had children cheering in segregated theatres. NFT, as above


Catalan Cinema Including two films from Bigas Luna: the spicy comedy Jamon, Jamon (11-12 May) and a preview of Golden Balls (12 May). Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford St, M1 (061-228 2463)

Student Film Festival Three programmes of work taken from more than 70 submissions from throughout the North West. 9-10 May, Cornerhouse, as above

Visions of light BBC Arts producer David Thompson introduces Terence Malick's Days of Heaven (7 May). Coming soon in this season: Hitchcock's Rebecca (15 May) and Philip Kaufman's masterful The Unbearable Lightness of Being (21 May). Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford St, M1 (061-228 2463)


Australian Film Festival A week of screenings including Ann Turner's Hammers Over The Anvil (tonight), Richard Lowenstein's Say a Little Prayer (7 May) and Tracey Moffat's aboriginal ghost story Bedevil (10 May). Tyneside Cinema, 10 Pilgrim St, NE1 (091-232 8289)

Branded to Thrill Admission to any Suzuki Seijun screening in this season - including Story of a Prostitute (10 May) and Tokyo Drifter (15 May) - gains entry to a Seijun lecture on 18 May. Tyneside Cinema, as above

Kes Rare screening for Ken Loach's tough and tender tale of a boy and his pet kestrel. Blows Free Willy out of the water. 7 May, Tyneside Cinema, as above