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BRADFORD J B Priestley Centenary Celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the birth of this Bradford author: Alistair Sim in An Inspector Calls (4 Sept), Dangerous Corner (6/ 7 Sept) and The Foreman Went to France (8 Sept). National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Pictureville, BD1 (0274- 727488); Bradford Filmtheatre, Chapel St BD1 (0274 820666)


Glamour, Magic and Mayhem A season mixing film, video, computer and live animation. Tonight's shorts include Doma, Neon Queen and Adynata. London Film-Makers' Co-op, 42 Gloucester Ave, NW1 (071-586 8516)

Latin American Film Festival The fifth festival includes films which highlight the shifts in modern Latin American culture. Be sure not to miss the startling Mexican horror movie Cronos, and, from Cuba, Strawberry and Chocolate, a gentle, Wedding Banquet-like comedy which explores the friendship that evolves between a macho communist student and an effeminate gay artist. This film, from the veteran director of Memories of Underdevelopment, won a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. Also recommended: Killing Grandad and The Moon in the Mirror. Metro Cinema, Rupert St W1 (071- 437 0757)

Phat Beats on Film Retrospective of hip-hop in cinema featuring Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing (4 Sept), a corruscating film, which uncannily presaged the Los Angeles riots, featuring a blistering opening sequence courtesy of rappers Public Enemy; the Hughes Brothers' Menace II Society (4 Sept); Bill Duke's under-rated noir thriller Deep Cover (8 Sept); and John Singleton's Boyz N the Hood (10 Sept). There's a preview of the new rap comedy Fear of a Black Hat (6 Sept), plus an interview with critic Nelson George (3 Sept) following a screening of Just Another Girl on the IRT, which he produced. NFT, South Bank SE1 (071-928 3232)

Alain Resnais As if a preview of Resnais' companion pieces Smoking (8 Sept) and No Smoking (9 Sept) weren't enough, the screening of the latter film is followed by an interview with Resnais and Scarborough-based playwright Alan Ayckbourn, whose eight- play set Intimate Exchanges has formed the basis for the featured films. Part of a month- long celebration of the French director's work. This week: the elliptical, Alain Robbe- Grillet scripted Last Year in Marienbad (3 Sept). Coming soon: Hiroshima Mon Amour featuring a screenplay by the celebrated French novelist Marguerite Duras (14 Sept). NFT, as above


Queering the Pitch Opening the celebration of lesbian and gay art, 'It's Queer Up North', a special presentation by Gay Sweatshop, 'Written in the Sand', an exhibition by Karen Finley. Plus writer Dennis Cooper (22 Sept), and a preview of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (16 Sept). Conference (8-10 Sept) details from 48 Princes St M1 (061-228 1998); Events/screenings from Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford St M1 (061-228 2463)

Reviewing Robert Duvall A short season of work featuring the fine Duvall. This week: a new offering, Ron Howard's The Paper (4/ 5 Sept) is screened alongside Tender Mercies (6 Sept), for which Duvall won an Oscar. Coming soon: Duvall's first screen role, as Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird (10 Sept). Cornerhouse, as above


The five winners of our Latin American film competition were: Alberto Mamrod, Woking; Vivien Clack, Upminster; Barbara Tubb, Selsey; Columba Quigley, London W14; Paulo Valladares, London SE8. The five runners-up were: Tazma Ahmed-Datta, Reading; Thomas Catan, Brighton; K Leung, London NW3; Montserrat Barons, London N16; Madeleine Brent, Pinner.