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Too original, too challenging or just too weird? Bad Boy Bubby, about a 35-year-old misfit escaping from his mother's clutches into the world, finishes a short London run today. Despite some bizarre excesses, it hits a note of unexpected warmth. Playing at a repertory haunt near you soon, including a two-week Cambridge outing from 11 November.

There's no brighter ticket around than Dazed and Confused, a dizzy, fizzy teen comedy boasting an unknown cast who are perfect to a scamp. As with Slacker, director Richard Linklater manages to keep his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds. In other words, his loving portrait of 70s school-kids out on the town is an impressive piece of cinema which still knows how to party. Forget Forrest Gump: Dazed is a feel-good movie with a brain. Speed, showing everywhere, is more physical than cerebral, and the most exhilarating two hours you could legally find.

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