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Underground (right) An odyssey linking two wars through a story of betrayal and deceit. It's not a tight film, and Emir Kusturica becomes too preoccupied with spectacular set-pieces to give the narrative much drive, but its ambition makes you giddy, and there are images that could only have been conjured out of dreams.

Babe Jolly farmyard adventure which follows a pig who thinks he's a sheepdog. Produced by Mad Max's George Miller, it has as much darkness as your average fairy tale and no more - the defining mood is fun. It may make you go "aah" at pigs every now and then, but chances are it won't stop you eating them.

Devil in a Blue Dress A down-at-heel detective (Denzel Washington) is hired to find a missing woman but becomes embroiled in betrayal, deceit and duplicity. Carl Franklin brings Walter Mosley's novel to the screen with considerable style and aplomb, even if it never quite feels as shady as it should.