Film choice

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More Spielberg flies onto our screens in the shape of Hook (4.30pm BBC1), his schmaltzy reading of JM Barrie's Peter Pan (Robin Williams) Julia Roberts is as insubstantial as her character, Tinkerbell, but Dustin Hoffman, several miles over the top in the title role, will have you hissing and booing in the best pantomime tradition.

Playing in the "Beastly Christmas" season, Turtle Diary (7pm C4) reminds us what a loss to acting Glenda Jackson's election as an MP was. She plays a lonely middle-aged woman who shares an interest with Ben Kingsley in liberating giant turtles from a zoo. Screenwriter Harold Pinter pops up as Man in Bookshop.

In Sister Act (8pm ITV), Whoopi Goldberg has a whale of a time as a streetwise woman placed by the police in a nunnery for her own protection after witnessing a murder by her boyfriend (Hollywood's rent-a-hitman, Harvey Keitel). Maggie Smith earns some easy money playing the Mother Superior.

Showing in the "BBC 100" series, Farewell My Concubine (10pm BBC2) comes with the cachet of having twice been banned by the Chinese authorities. It deals with the sexual confusion experienced by Douzi (Leslie Cheung) against a backdrop of political turmoil.

There was something of a storm when Sky's saucy poster advertising Indecent Proposal (10.10pm BBC1) was pulled. Sadly, Adrian Lynne's glossy film about whether Demi Moore will sleep with Robert Redford for a million dollars offers little that's as provocative.

In Scenes from a Mall (11pm ITV), Paul Mazursky's slick drama, Woody Allen plays a sports lawyer whose marriage to a psychotherapist (Bette Midler) begins to fray at the edges on a Christmas shopping trip to a Beverly Hills mall.