FILM / Cinema Paradiso winners

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ON 7 NOVEMBER we held a competition to win 25 videos and T-shirts of Cinema Paradiso, Giuseppe Tornatore's Oscar-winning film, now available for the first time in a widescreen version from Tartan Video. Readers were asked to name the actor who played the young boy in the film. The answer, of course, was Salvatore Cascio. The winners are: Julian Shea, Lenton; D P Carrick, Twickenham; David Hamilton, Cheltenham; K McIntosh, London SW17; Jenny Boden, Winchester; Rob Lloyd, Eastbourne; W Scott, Chesterfield; Mrs T M Weber, Aylesford; Anna Campeau, London N1; N Francis, Weymouth; Ruth Massey, Durham; I Gill, Wakefield; A Theakston, Pocklington; Gerry Fallon, London W4; D Evans, Dunstable; Brian Foster, London N5; J Whibley, Tunbridge Wells; Mrs C Hunt, Camberley; Peter Symonds, London WC1; E M Perceval, Co Mayo; D E Silver, Kenilworth; Carol McGrath, Launton; Sarah Buriak, Chesham; Peter Holt, Cleveland; Andrew Warren, Felsted.