Film: Coming attractions

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November 27: Since Hammer Productions were staked in the late Seventies, there have been sporadic attempts to breathe new life into the British vampire film. The Wisdom of Crocodiles is the latest, bringing a coven of British stars together under the aegis of a Chinese director (Po Chih Leong) for a less gruesome take on the usual story. Jude Law stars as Steven Griscz, an undead Lothario who's made miserable by his vampiric existence. Timothy Spall plays the Van Helsing figure, and Jack Davenport - of This Life and the bloodsucking TV thriller Ultraviolet - is also in the cast. Alternatively, if you still haven't been sated by the boom in Seventies costume drama then The Slums of Beverly Hills - Tamara Jenkins's comic memoir of her LA childhood - will be sure to please.

December 4: Rush Hour brings together Jackie Chan (sweet-natured martial arts hero and probably cinema's most talented physical performer - right), Chris Tucker (star of The Fifth Element) and Tom Wilkinson (that bloke with the gnomes in The Full Monty) - which makes you wonder if Harry Hill was the casting director. This is Chan's first English language film in which he isn't dubbed and New Line's comedy action flick has already grossed more than $120m in the US.