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25 September: The Farrelly brothers have already proved themselves to be masters of the gross-out comedy with their previous movies Dumb & Dumber and Kingpin, but the bodily fluids and comical injuries paraded in their new movie, There's Something about Mary, fudge the line between laughter and peristalsis. Ben Stiller is the geek who botches a date with Cameron Diaz when he has an unfortunate mishap with his trouser zip. Years later, he hires a seedy detective (Matt Dillon) to track her down.

2 October: Elizabeth (right) - could this royal drama be the British answer to La Reine Margot? Unlikely to be as wild or as bloody, but it does feature an enticingly eclectic cast (Cate Blanchett, Kathy Burke, Eric Cantona).

Also: Buffalo 66, the directorial debut of the actor Vincent Gallo (The Funeral, Palookaville); and Divorcing Jack, a comedy with David Thewlis as an alcoholic journalist.

Later: Velvet Goldmine - Todd Haynes's glam-rock epic at last gets a release: see the film of the year on 23 Oct; meanwhile on 30 Oct, the comedy Still Crazy, about an ageing British rock band reuniting to hit the road, rolls into town with Jimmy Nail, Billy Connolly and Timothy Spall.