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With inspired comic timing, the National Film Theatre brings a touch of levity to the end of the winter with Are We Having Fun Yet?, a weekend of humour on 4-6 March. It includes previews of Deadly Advice (pictured above), a British comedy being touted as a new Kind Hearts and Coronets; Johnny Stecchino, a vehicle for the popular Italian clown Roberto Benigni, who recently played Peter Sellers' bungling son in the new Pink Panther movie and was sighted in Jim Jarmusch's Down By Law; Lee Evans's upcoming comedy series for Granada; and Coneheads. Other screenings include The Ladykillers, Sir Henry at Rawlinson End, A Night at the Opera, Groundhog Day, The Addams Family, Wayne's World and Annie Hall. And a special comedy supplement in the current issue of Sight and Sound explains what all the films really signify.

We have five 'Take Five' season tickets, which allow the bearers to claim a pair of free tickets for five films of their choice, subject to availability. They await the first correct answers to these three questions: Who plays Sir Henry in Sir Henry at Rawlinson End, Garth in Wayne's World and Fester in The Addams Family? Answers, on a postcard and by next Wednesday, to: Are We Having Fun Yet?, Arts, The Independent, 40 City Road, London EC1Y 2DB.

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