FILM / Competition Results

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NEXT Friday sees the opening of Tango, a comic variation on the eternal battle of the sexes by Patrice Leconte, best known to British audiences as the director of The Hairdresser's Husband and Monsieur Hire. The Independent and Artificial Eye have ten pairs of tickets for the 9.00pm screening of Tango on Friday 23 July at the Lumiere Cinema. In addition, the winners will receive a CD of the soundtrack, a film poster, a limited-edition brooch and a bottle of Martell Cognac (Martell is also offering a complimentary glass to viewers on opening night). To enter, name Tango's three male stars. Answers, on a postcard and by Wednesday 21, to: Tango Competition, Listings, The Independent, 40 City Road, London EC1Y 2DB. Please include a daytime telephone number.


Glengarry Glen Ross. Answers: 1) The National Theatre. 2) American Buffalo. Sony Data Discman winners: Phil Machon, Surrey. Thomas Sanderson, London. 50 video winners: Jeff Teare, London; Michael Jones, Cheltenham; Anna Palmer Moore, London; John Muldoon, London; Miss L Lee Merseyside; Steve Drayton, Newcastle; Lucy Williams, London; Phil Lawrence, Barnet; Graif Mason, Leics; Richard Walshe, London; Joan F Maguire, Liverpool; Guy Sherrock, Lancaster; Richard Lewison, London; Leslie Arnold, Hants; LA Lloyd, London; Philip Gordon, Bath; Andy Arghyrou, London; Mr J Marsh, Brighton; Mukul Vaidya, Middlesex; Tim Knapman, Weybridge; Mr O Naqvi, Wembley; B Spencer, Ilford; J Vile, London; Alison Carpenter, Winchester; Victor Hallett, Clwyd; David Sands, London; Allan Roberts, Lancs; D Bridgman, Manchester; Ms Lila Burkeman, London; Alex Hamilton, Inverness; Brian Peachey, London; Trev Stocking, Bury St Edmunds; Martin Carter, Sheffield; Clare Whiteway, Mid. Glamorgan; Stephen Parker, Sheffield; Mrs Jones, Cheshire; Alan Workman, Cheshire; Rod Pugh, Ayrshire; Norman Pate, Redditch; Greg Kyle, Frome; Graham Smith, Gt. Yarmouth; Neil Pain, London; Tony Moore, Eastbourne; J Hayes, Bucks; Elaine Jacobs, London; Simon Meadon, London; Michael Storm, Reading; Vaughan O'Grady, London; L Sellars, London; Antony Moore, Oxford.

007. Answers: 1) Barry Nelson. 2) Pamela Salem. 3) Aleister Crowley. 4) Welles and Sellers were filmed separately. Allen Lace, Guildford; Mr A Taulke, West Yorks; Brian Campbell, London. (Please allow 2 weeks for delivery).