FILM / Critical Round-Up

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'The film does not know when to stop, has little idea of how to begin, and moves forward by a process of 'Quick, who's got the next gimmick?' jolts and nudges.' Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

'The storyline is almost too slim to recall and the cast simply earn their bread and butter doing revue turns.' Derek Malcolm, Guardian

'An uneven affair, then, but at a time of year when funny films with a touch of the perverse are so hard to come by, no one should ignore the Addams family's contribution to pre-Christmas cheer.' Geoff Brown, Times

'This sequel is a huge improvement . . . The story's stronger, characterisation deeper and every joke a winner.' Emma Norman, Daily Mirror

'As sequels go, this is passable: no more coherent than the episodic first instalment, but with enough sick humour to keep the mildly depraved happy.' Nigel Floyd, Time Out