FILM / Critical Round-up

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'The complex imagery bears the personal stamp of one of American cinema's quirkiest talents. Even when the plot appears indecipherable, you are never inclined to fidget. You go with the flow. . . safe in the hands of a master director.' Geoff Brown, Times.

'It's wonderful just how many dissonant registers Rudolph can meld into one narrative.' Jonathan Romney, Guardian.


'Happy endings are distributed too glibly; irreconcilable opposites are forcibly reconciled. But not even this late surge of sentimentality. . . can smother the sly wit and astringency of what went before.' Nigel Andrews, FT.

'Tighter editing would help the drama; still, Nutley's saunterings allow each character to be seen in the round, flaws and all. . . House of Angels is hardly cinema at its most exciting, but few recent films have been so humane.' Geoff Brown, Times.


'. . . a soft-hearted gloss on the 'weird suburbia' strain in recent American cinema. But here everything's peachy and nothing's really nasty, not even mental illness.' Jonathan Romney, Guardian.

'Death by slow drizzle. . . ' Nigel Andrews, FT.