Film: Double Bill - Will Smith, star of 'Wild Wild West'. released next week, on his ideal cinematic pairing

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The Lion King (Dir Roger Allers/ Rob Minkoff, 1994)

Thriller (Dir John Landis, 1984)

MY FAVOURITE films? Wouah! We watch The Lion King over and over again. My son Trey really loves it and I sing along to some of the songs to humour him. When it's on, it's heaven around my household. I've done a TV series, films, records but I'd really like to do the voice for a Disney character, then I'd really be the best dad in the world! And when my wife (actress Jada Pinkett) really wants a sexy night, we watch that one scene from Bad Boys where I'm running with my shirt open! But seriously, I like the old-fashioned Disney values.

Michael Jackson is also one of my heroes. My entire career, I've been shooting for Thriller. To me, it is the quintessential music video, it's never been done better! Fifteen minutes, $800,000, the Blues Brothers guy directing, it was a turning point in video-making. I respect artists who try to do something new. I would love to do one clip that people could watch in 30 years time and say it was a revolution, a sensation! In fact, Thriller is the template for the Wild Wild West video. I probably watched Thriller 40 times trying to get my ideas together.