Film: latin american film festival

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The Latin American Film Festival, which shares its 10th birthday with the 40th anniversary of the Cuban revolution, boasts 43 feature films, together with short films and 17 documentaries, of which Wim Wenders' Buena Vista Social Club is the festival's keynote screening. This acclaimed piece records the extraordinary collaboration between Ry Cooder and a group of Cuban musicians, including Ruben Gonzalez, Company Segundo and Ibrahim Ferrer. Cuban films make up one section of the festival with Mexican and Brazilian titles constituting the remainder. In the latter section, Beto Brant's Friendly Fire sounds intriguing - it's a tale of four friends who explore issues of revenge arising from their political activism under the military dictatorship in 1970s Brazil. As well as showing the best new work from Latin American directors, the event will rescreen classics including Mexican director Alfonso Arau's Like Water For Chocolate. A treat.

Metro Cinema (0171-734 1506) to 16 Sept