FILM / Louis Malle competition winners

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ON 19 JUNE we ran a competition offering readers the chance to win 15 sets of all five videos in Electric Pictures' 'Louis Malle Collection' and 15 copies of Faber & Faber's Malle on Malle, a collection of interviews edited by Philip French. We asked who wrote the novel on which Malle's Zazie dans le Metro was based. The answer was Raymond Queneau. And the winners are: John Collins, London EC1; Elinor Jones, W5; Fem Poel, SW6; Bettina Von Wangenheim, SW4; Tanya Barrett, SW11; Saul Till, Bangor, Gwynned; Peter Duffy, Richmond, Surrey; Monique Meager, Edgware, Middx; Gerald Houghton, Irthlingborough, Northants; Alan Maughan, Chester-le-Street, Durham; Nick Beale, Winchester; Elizabeth Goulding, Playford, Ipswich; Mike Oldham, Wakefield; Steve Croft, Scunthorpe; and David Godfrey, Twickenham.