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Amazingly, even after his saggy performance in Six Days and Seven Nights, Harrison Ford (above) has been chosen as People magazine's "sexiest man alive". He has also decided to commit himself to a fourth Indiana Jones flick with George Lucas, although Steven Spielberg's availability has yet to be confirmed.

In New Zealand competition is hotting up to see some of the $264m Wellington- based film-maker Peter Jackson has to spend on his new film, Lord of the Rings. Along with offering a tourism boost to areas used for location shooting, the film will require 50 actors and 15,000 extras.

Prepare yourselves for Bond 19, or The World is Not Enough, which sees 007 caught up in oil intrigues in the Caspian Sea; and expect very good things from Very Bad Things which is set to be released here early next year. The latest in a line of cool shock movies to come out of the States, the movie stars Jon Swingers Favreau as a man who decides to go on a wild stag party in Vegas before marriage to his adorably controlling fiancee, Cameron Diaz. Once there, Favreau and his high-school buddies (who include ex-con Christian Slater) get into deep trouble. A gory accidental death, followed by a quick murder with a corkscrew set the tone for the rest of this surprisingly brutal and sadistic screen experience. Shallow Grave, Hollywood style.

Liese Spencer