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BILL PULLMAN (left) is a hoot as Daryl Zero, the world's greatest private investigator, a drop-out who subsists on tuna fish, tabs and amphetamines, pulling on reserves of wit and ingenuity when the time comes to crack a new case. In Zero Effect, a neat comedy from 22-year-old Jake Kasdan (son of Lawrence), Pullman, who has recently specialised in gruff-voiced "serious" roles (such as the US president in Independence Day), gets back to playing comedy. His performance is manic, even seething, yet brimming with compassion.

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Pierce Brosnan has brought quite a lot of charm to the role of James Bond, keeping things just slightly ironic, while managing to convince as a pretty good hero as well. Goldeneye is the better of his two Bond films, with great stunts, plenty of pretty women and all the standard and well-loved 007 features, though Tomorrow Never Dies is quite good fun, too, if you like lots of chases and explosions.

NFT1 (0171-928 3232), London SE1. `Goldeneye' 6.10pm, `Tomorrow Never Dies', 8.40pm