Film: Rushes

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THE CAST for The World Is Not Enough, James Bond's next outing, is beginning to shape up. The ex-breakfast-time siren Denise Van Outen has landed herself a part in the franchise's traditionally spectacular opening sequence, according to The Mirror. Van Outen's casting follows the production company's announcement that Pierce Brosnan will be up against none other than Robert Carlyle. He'll play the arch-villain Renard who, thanks to a bullet lodged in his brain, is immune to pain. Fine, but surely the producers have missed a chance to resurrect Carlyle's psychotic turn in Trainspotting: Begbie vs Bond - "Come aheed, 007, ye radge wee shite!"

1998 WAS the year that the ship came in for 20th Century Fox and Paramount. According to Variety, Titanic earned the studios $3.2bn in theatrical, video and record releases and broadcast-rights sales last year. The video of James Cameron's epic alone has brought in revenue worth $1bn, the result of world-wide sales of more than 57 million units.

WITH LESS than a year to go before the start of the new millennium, there are certain things to which humanity will cling as earthquakes rend the earth, the sky falls on our heads and the clock on the video packs up - the eternal truth of Woody Allen's ongoing visits to his analyst being just one. Well, no more. According to a BBC interview to be broadcast this year, Mr Neurotic is so happy with his wife, Soon-Yi, that he's stopped seeing his shrink. Verily, the apocalypse is nigh.