Film: Rushes

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THE TOYS came out of the pram last week when Sean Penn decided to administer Nicolas Cage a rhetorical Chinese burn. Accusing Cage of selling out with "abominable" films like Snake Eyes, Penn concluded in the Newsweek interview: "Actors s*** on their profession all the time. They can't do a pure movie again, because they carry so much baggage." Cage's response was swift: "The day before he made his hurtful remarks, Sean visited me and my wife [Patricia Arquette] on the set of our new movie, Bringing Out the Dead. He pretended to be our best friend... And then the next day he stabs me in the back... The door to our friendship is now closed... You get enough negativity from the press without having your friends dump on you."

ANOTHER BRITISH film award success has been sadly overlooked in the last few days. In the Golden Raspberries, the ceremony that honours any rubbish the Oscars didn't get round to, the Spice Girls picked up a collective Razzy for worst actress in Spice World. Best actor Razzy was picked up by Bruce Willis for his consistently terrible outings in Armageddon, Mercury Rising and The Siege.