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PRESIDENT Clinton shocked some of his liberal supporters in the Hollywood establishment by using a Beverly Hills fund raising dinner to attack the studios' 'relentless exposure of sex and violence', blaming celluloid and television for 'amoral use and manipulation of people . . . setting forth a chain reaction of even more impulsive behaviour', and then calling for 'the support of people who shape our culture to change the country'. Applause was warm, but one studio head was heard to mutter that 'Bill' had better temper his views if he wanted star power behind a second bid for the Oval Office.

ANOTHER deluge of readers' ideas for potential double bills included Simon Wright of London with: Brazil / Nuts, The Missionary/ Face to Face, 10 Rillington Place / Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Strapless / Swing Time, California Split / Earthquake and Young Man with a Horn / It Happens Every Spring. Max Minkoff from London with: The Four Feathers / Tickle Me, Rosemary's Baby / Special Delivery, Make Me An Offer / Indecent Proposal, Mother Wore Tights / Man Proof and If It's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium / The Land That Time Forgot. Dick Rogers from Manchester with: Bird on a Wire / The Eagle has Landed, Rope / Of Human Bondage, Day of the Triffids / Send Me No Flowers, The Servant / They Only Kill Their Masters, Plague of the Zombies / You Only Live Twice, Basic Insinct / Fanny by Gaslight. In the same vein, Rebecca Deacon from Dublin proposes: Basic Instinct / Privates on Parade and Deep Throat / Come Blow Your Horn.

To finish, another real-life double whammy, spotted by Bob McLeod, on the marquee of the New Nile Theatre, Minneapolis, circa July 1941: Errol Flynn in They Died with Their Boots On and Shorts.

More contributions to Double Bill, Arts, 40 City Rd, London EC1.

OVERHEARD exchange at the preview screening of Decadence, Steven Berkoff's directorial debut: 'He's a genius you know.' 'Oh, that explains why it's crap.'

WE HAVE 15 copies of the British Film Institute's stylish 'Film Classics Diary 1994' to give away.

Lavishly illustrated with stills from celluloid masterpieces as diverse as Citizen Kane, Sunset Boulevard, Bonnie and Clyde and L'Age D'Or, the 204x197mm black book, complete with useful cinema information, normally costs pounds 9.95.

To win a diary, send a postcard bearing Mae West and Oscar Wilde's famous diary quotes to Rushes, Arts, 40 City Rd, London EC1Y. Closing date: 17 December.