Film Studies

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For the dog days at the year's end, here's a quiz on the movies for which the key has been mislaid. Only a few questions have the faintest aroma of a trick. Nearly all concern what happens within a film. And most refer to English-language movies. There is no prize - just the search.

1. Who died at the Hotel de la Gloria?

2. For whom was Bernstein general manager?

3. In which leg was Kayser Soze lame?

4. What film is set in a shop called Matuschek & Company?

5. Who had daughters Carmen and Vivien?

6. How much money was Walker owed?

7. Who said, "Free of income tax, old man"?

8. Who was Katherine Mulwray's father?

9. What needed "and just a little sex"?

10. Where did Harry Caul do his best work?

11. Go north by northwest out of Phoenix, and where do you spend the second night?

12. What is Ripley's first name?

13. Who spoke for Regan?

14. What do Kevin Spacey and Lee Marvin have in common?

15. Who was foreman of the jury in Twelve Angry Men (1957)?

16. What film did Max von Mayerling direct?

17. Who said "I love this dirty town"?

18. What singer lived at the Deep River Apartments?

19. Who killed all those D'Ascoynes?

20. Who wore one blue sock and one red?

21. Which black actor/actress was first Oscar- nominated for a leading performance?

22. Who played Amy Jolly?

23. Who played Billy Dannreuther?

24. Who died on 6 September, 1998?

25. Who played the Gorch brothers?

26. Who played the Smith sisters?

27. Continue the sequence: NH, MW, MT, EF ...

28. Who was the last woman Ronald Reagan slapped? 29. Name a film in which Tristram Shandy is referred to.

30. Where did the gatekeeper do impersonations?

31. What service do Travis Bickle and Harvey Keitel have in common?

32. Who asked for Misty?

33. Who died on 14 May, 1998?

34. What was Suddenly?

35. Whose nervous cough established her identity?

36. Who was told that his brother could have been a contender?

37. Where did Bette Davis say, "What a dump!"?

38. Where did Bette Davis say, "I'd kiss you, but I've just washed my hair"?

39. What did CC Baxter have to offer?

40. Who played Claggart and Smith Ohlrig?

41. Where did Ida Lupino sing?

42. Who was the chef at the Overlook?

43. Who loved the smell of napalm in the morning?

44. Who produced To Kill a Mockingbird, and what happened to him?

45. Name four actors who've played M.

46. Tara, Manderley and Spanish Bit - who made those houses?

47. Who was "special consultant" on Bonnie and Clyde?

48. What did Jonathan Shields do in the picture business?

49. What country did Rufus T Firefly run?

50. Whose mother was shot in the meadow? The answers will appear next week.