FILM / The films of 1994: Twenty films to watch out for in the new year, selected by Catriona O'Shaughnessy

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The Age of Innocence Martin Scorsese's lavish adaptation of Edith Wharton's novel about aristocratic New Yorkers in the 1870s stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder, Michelle Pfeiffer. 28 Jan

A Bronx Tale Robert De Niro sticks to familiar territory for his directorial debut - the story of a young Italian American torn between his bus-driver father (De Niro) and a local hood (Chazz Palminteri, who also wrote the screenplay). 18 Feb

Carlito's Way Director Brian De Palma banishes memories of his disastrous Bonfire of the Vanities with this story of an Hispanic drug baron (Al Pacino) trying to go straight. Sean Penn co-stars. 7 Jan

Farewell My Concubine Chen Kaige's epic story of the relationship between two actors in the Peking Opera shared the Palme d'Or with The Piano and is tipped for the Best Foreign Film Oscar. 7 Jan

The Flintstones John Goodman and Elizabeth Perkins play Fred and Wilma, to Rick Moranis and Rosie O'Donnell's Barney and Betty Rubble, in the live-action, big-screen version of the prehistoric television cartoon. Summer

Geronimo Walter Hill's tale of the legendary Indian leads a posse of new Westerns, including Maverick, reuniting Lethal Weapon director and star Richard Donner and Mel Gibson, and two Wyatt Earp biopics: Tombstone, with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer; and Kevin Costner in Wyatt Earp. Winter

Heaven and Earth The final part of Oliver Stone's Vietnam trilogy focuses on the impact of the war on Le Ly, a Vietnamese peasant woman played by newcomer Hiep Thi Le. . 21 Jan

The House of the Spirits Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close and Winona Ryder star in Bille August's adaptation of Isabel Allende's novel, tracing three generations of Chilean women. 18 March

The Hudsucker Proxy Tim Robbins stars in the Coen Brothers follow-up to Barton Fink, a comic fantasy about a post- boy elevated to chairman in a scam by a crooked board to make a killing on their own shares. 20 May

In the Name of the Father Daniel Day- Lewis stars as Gerry Conlon in Jim Sheridan's biopic of the wrongly convicted Guildford Four member. Emma Thompson plays his lawyer. 11 Feb

Interview with the Vampire Neil Jordan casts clean-cut Tom Cruise firmly against type as legendary bloodsucker Lestat. Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and Stephen Rea co-star, with Christian Slater replacing River Phoenix who died during filming. Christmas

Little Buddha Bernardo Bertolucci's epic tale of Buddhism stars Keanu Reeves, Chris Isaak and Bridget Fonda. Autumn

Manhattan Murder Mystery Woody Allen reverts to Diane Keaton as co-star in this comedy about a New York couple who suspect their neighbour of murdering his wife. With Alan Alda 21 Jan

Mrs Doubtfire Robin Williams plays a divorcee driven to impersonate a British nanny in an attempt to see his own kids. His comic tour de force paid off handsomely at the US box office. 28 Jan

The Pelican Brief The latest John Grisham adaptation stars Julia Roberts as a law student intrigued by the murder of two Supreme Court justices. Alan J Pakula directs; Denzel Washington and Sam Shepard co-star. 25 Feb

Philadelphia Hollywood's first major attempt to tackle Aids stars Tom Hanks as a gay lawyer who is sacked when he gets the disease. Jonathan Demme directs, and Denzel Washington plays the attorney who takes Hanks' firm to court despite his own homophobia. 25 Feb

Schindler's List After breaking all box- office records with Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg puts in a bid for Oscar success with his black-and-white, three-hour adaptation of Thomas Keneally's book about a Nazi who helped Jews escape the gas chambers in wartime Poland. Stars Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes. March

Shadowlands Richard Attenborough directs the true story of the love affair between the American writer Joy Gresham (Debra Winger) and her English hero CS Lewis (Anthony Hopkins). 4 March

Short Cuts For his adaptation of a series of Raymond Carver's stories, Robert Altman gathered a cast to rival that of his last film, The Player. Stars include Andie MacDowell, Matthew Modine, Anne Archer, Tom Waits and Tim Robbins. 4 March

Three Colours White The second of Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski's triology on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is the story of the misadventures of a Polish hairdresser. The final part, Three Colours Red, is due next winter. May

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