Film: The five best revivals

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Rebecca (Barbican)

One of Hitchcock's great films, a cross between a Gothic romance and a horror story, it stars Joan Fontaine as the young second mistress of Manderley, haunted by the memory of her mysterious predecessor. Today 4pm


Spellbound (Barbican)

Ingrid Bergman plays the analyst, Gregory Peck her tormented patient - and murder suspect - in this terrific psychodrama, most notable for a Dali-designed dream sequence. Sun 4pm


The Magnificent Ambersons (NFT)

Hacked to pieces by the studio in Welles's absence, this adaptation of the Booth Tarkington novel might have been one of the truly great movies of the century. Even in truncated form, it's still a must-see. Thur 7.30pm


Le Joueur de Flute (Cine Lumiere)

Jacques Demy's take on the story of the Pied Piper is riddled with anachronisms and misjudgments - but worth seeing for a cast that includes Donovan, Michael Hordern and Donald Pleasance. Mon 6.30pm


Went the Day Well? (NFT)

Based on a story by Graham Greene, this wartime thriller posits the idea of an English village infiltrated by German paratroopers. Strikingly violent for its time, it's a classic bit of homefront propaganda. Fri 7.30pm