Film: The Five Best Revivals

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To Have and Have Not (Riverside)

Hawks's WWII drama reeks of sensual delight, 8-year-old Bacall all but purring in Bogart's presence. It's also a great study of alcoholism and male friendship, Walter Brennan's hiccuping drunk inducing a caring sadism in Bogey that's quite mesmerising. Sun 8.25pm


Raise the Red Lantern (Riverside)

Feted abroad and banned at home, Zhang Yimou's devastating 920s- set tragedy stars actress Gong Li as a young Chinese girl who realises, too late, that sexual charms do not translate into power. Mon 8.40pm


McCabe and Mrs Miller (Riverside)

Wonderfully early Altman movie that soaks cowboy country in a dazed and hazy light, and allows Warren Beatty and Julie Christie to act like real people. Not how the West was won, but how it was survived. Tue 6.30pm


Mildred Pierce (Cine Lumiere)

Intelligent, enjoyably hysterical treatment of mother-love from 945, with Joan Crawford in terrifying form as the driven martyr-mater and Ann Blyth as her lusty daughter, suitably cold-eyed and raging. Today 2pm


Buffalo 66 (Lux Cinema)

Writer/director/actor Vincent Gallo may be arrogant, but he knows how to tell a story and in this breathlessly inventive road movie, he and Christina Ricci make a miserably glamorous pair. Wed 8.35pm