Film: The five best revivals

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The Fountainhead (PG Curzon Sohon, NFT)

Gary Cooper plays a visionary architect who refuses to buckle to mob pressure in King Vidor's astonishing adaptation of the Ayn Rand novel. Patricia Neal smoulders opposite him.


Falstaff (Chimes at Midnight) (Cine Lumiere, Wed 7.3Opm )

Orson Welles's great but little-seen movie from 966 conflates five of Shakespeare's plays and features one of his largest - in all senses - performances.


The Philadelphia Story (Curzon Soho, NFT)

As civilised and graceful as any romantic comedy ever made, it also brought together one of the most loveable of Hollywood trios: Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant and James Stewart - all on peak form.


A Bout de Souffle (NFT, Thurs 8.3Opm)

Godard's swoony romantic debut from 959 - a poetic version of the American gangster movie, starring Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo, whose Bogart impersonation is unmissable.


Easy Rider (NFT, Friday 8.3Opm)

The road movie that put a bomb under Hollywood. It's showing its age a little more nowadays, but Jack Nicholson's turn as the bibulous lawyer will remain a joy for ever.