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I Went Down (15), available to rent from Monday

Young but care-worn Git (Peter McDonald) and would-be hard man Bunny (Brendan Gleeson) have been ordered by a Dublin gangster (Tony Doyle) to apprehend a one-time associate of his.

They find their man, but between Git's lack of guile and Bunny's misplaced confidence, land themselves in the middle of a gangland feud. There's a thoroughly enjoyable crime thriller underpinning Paddy Breatnach's buddy movie, but its real strength is the understated script by playwright Conor

The Weir McPherson.

Neither naturalistic nor hard-boiled, the exchanges between the monosyllabic Git and the barely-literate Bunny are entertaining and offbeat, yet avoid patronising either of them.

MouseHunt (PG), available to rent from tomorrow

When their father dies, the brothers Smuntz are bequeathed a run-down string factory.

Know-it-all Ernie (Nathan Lane) is looking forward to retirement, but klutzy Lars (Lee Evans) feels compelled to restore Smuntz String to its former glory and honour their father's maxim: "A world without string is chaos."

Primarily a film for kids, there's enough in the script to keep over- twelves watching. Best of all, though, is Christopher Walken's deranged exterminator.

Sphere (12),

available to rent now

The last time director Barry Levinson and writer Michael Crichton put their noggins together, we had to endure Disclosure, so don't wait for this muddled sci-fi psycho-thriller.

A team of scientists, including Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Samuel L Jackson are sent to the floor of the Pacific Ocean to explore an alien orb.

Hoffman et al flounder bravely, but there's not a life-belt in sight.