Adam Sandler new movie Pixels reported to bear eerie similarities to a 2002 Futurama episode

The 2002 episode of the Matt Groening cartoon has the heroes fight video games invaders using arcade game inspired technology - as does Pixels

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Adam Sandler’s upcoming film, Pixels, is based upon the premise that aliens attack the earth, using video games characters as models for their assaults.

To combat the invasion, Adam Sandler enlists the help of retrogamers Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad to defeat the alien threat with systems akin to arcade video games.

The movie, set for release this July, is adapted from a short film by Patrick Jean, of the same name.

Enthusiasts are claiming that this concept bears similarities to the themes of a 2002 episode of Matt Groening’s Futurama, "Anthology of Interest II", in the mini episode titled "Raiders of the Lost Arcade". In the episode, Fry has to use his extensive skills as a 1980s arcade gamer to defeat an alien invasion.

Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Space invaders feature in 3D pixellated form in the Pixels trailer, released by Sony Pictures on 17 March 2015.

The famous video game characters also featured in similar roles in the Futurama episode as video game antagonists, or in Pac-Man's case, an ally.

At one point in the trailer, Sandler and his fellow cast members have to avoid Donkey Kong’s falling pixelated barrels, deal with aliens descending from the heavens, and use ‘ghosts’ to combat Pac-Man in the maze of the city.

In Futurama’s concept, the cast travel through Pac-man’s maze and combat falling space aliens with a vehicle which imitates Space Invaders gameplay.

Sony Pictures has been contacted for comment.