After jail, Lohan heads to ‘Inferno’

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Actress Lindsay Lohan ( Mean Girls, Princess Diaries 2, Bobby) was sentenced yesterday to 90 days in jail for violating probation when skipping court-mandated alcohol education classes. After serving her time and another stint in rehab, she'll go to the set of Inferno, a biopic about Linda Lovelace.

Matthew Wilder, the director of the film about the star of the 1972 porn hit Deep Throat, supports his lead actress and will postpone production until she is available again.

"We are proud to have this remarkable artist on our film," Wilder wrote in a statement, according to New York magazine, referring to her "outrageously outsized sentence."

"I hope this will turn the story for her a little bit and remind people that this is someone who is serious about acting and who is really different from the cartoon portrayed in the tabloid press."

In June, Lohan sat before the Beverly Hills judge after the MTV Movie awards, when her ankle monitor registered alcohol. She also missed a court date in May when stuck at the Cannes Film Festival to pre-sell the film, due to the volcanic eruption.

All the problems stem from 2007 cases in which Lohan pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of cocaine and alcohol.

Lohan portrays Lovelace in a story that follows her leaving the porn industry to become a feminist and anti-porn advocate. Rumors report Bill Pullman may play Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner in Inferno.

In September, Lohan will be seen in Machete by director Robert Rodriquez ( Spy Kids, Grindhouse) about an ex-Federales agent seeking revenge.