Another Greek myth gets cast

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With Clash of the Titans releasing this weekend in North America, another Greek mythological epic,  Dawn of War (or  War of the Gods) is assembling its cast.

Mickey Rourke puts aside his Whiplash role in Iron Man 2 to portray King Hyperion and Frieda Pinto ( Slumdog Millionaire) will play priestess Phaedra.

The young warriors co-starring include Luke Evans from Titans and the upcoming Robin Hood as Zeus. Kellan Lutz ( Twilight films and the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street) is to play the god Poseidon. Stephen Dorff ( Public Enemies) plays Stavros who joins Theseus, portrayed by Henry Cavill ( The Tudors) to free Greece from the threat of the imprisoned Titans.

The film begins production in Montreal this month. It is directed by Tarsem Singh ( The Fall, The Cell), who is said to be shooting in a style reminiscent of 300. No plans for 3D yet.