'Avatar' DVD releases on Earth Day, new version in theaters this August

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Avatar is released on DVD and Blu-ray the week of April 22, Earth Day, timing that plays up the film's environmental message. The director, James Cameron is also readying a re-release of the film for theaters this summer.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Cameron announced plans for an extended version of the film this August with an additional six minutes of new footage.

The studio is waiting for a window when 3D theaters are available, since Avatar ticket sales were adversely affected by Alice in Wonderland, How To Train Your Dragon and Clash of the Titans and the lack of 3D-equipped screens to accommodate all films.

The sequel, Avatar 2, he said, will focus on the Oceans of Pandora as the main environment as well as include the rain forest from the first film. The third explores more of the Alpha Centauri AB system.

The idea of making another Avatar film is attractive to him because it's both good business - Avatar has earned $2,712,115,019, the biggest-ever box office film - and good for the environment with its green message.

As part of his involvement in environmental causes, Cameron and Al Gore recently attended the International Forum on Sustainability in Brazil. "In the particular case of Avatar," he said. "I found there's a call to action and a sense of duty that's emerged from it."