22 Jump Street trailer: Watch Channing Tatum attempt Spanish accent as cops do spring break

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will be back as Jenko and Schimdt in June

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Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill give Spanish accents their best shot in a new clip for forthcoming sequel, 22 Jump Street.

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MTV revealed the teaser on Tuesday and, if these 60 seconds are anything to go by, returning directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are sure to have moviegoers cracking a grin at the very least.

Comically unconvincing cops Jenko and Schmidt return this summer for more hilarious antics, which this time involves an undercover mission at a local college.

But as Tatum's Jenko tries in vain to tell an imaginary story about Dora the Explorer like a true Spaniard, it quickly becomes clear that there are many entertaining mishaps to come.

The comedy’s final official trailer is also freshly released, showing the two buddies preparing for another drug bust in the midst of what they bluntly call “spring break motherf***er”.

Jenko and Schmidt first appear in ‘partner counselling’ before donning their Hawaiian shirts and shades for a wild rave on the beach and shooting pistols while grabbing their crotches.

Ordered to “do the same thing” as in 2012’s 21 Jump Street by boss Ice Cube, the calamitous pair must try not to let the distractions of beer, parties and ‘getting laid’ steer them from the case in hand.

Of course, Schmidt takes the dubious decision of putting a grenade down his swimming trunks, which leads to all sorts of problems, with more to be revealed come 6 June when 22 Jump Street hits UK cinemas.