Comic-Con: Saturday features Kristen Stewart's 'Snow White' and Coppola's 'Twixt'

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The film presentations at Comic-Con's sci-fi/fantasy conference on July 23 are led by Snow White and the Huntsman starring Twilight Saga's Kristen Stewart and Francis Ford Coppola presenting his new film Twixt.

The lineup's highlights on Saturday also include Tarsem Singh's Greek epic Immortals, MTV Comics, animated film Dorothy of Oz with the original author's great grandson, the comedy-fantasy Knights of Badassdom and the premiere of Cowboys & Aliens starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde ( Tron: Legacy).

The panel for Snow White and the Huntsman includes Kristen Stewart ( The Twilight Saga), Charlize Theron ( Hancock) and Chris Hemsworth ( Thor) plus first-time director Rupert Sanders. The presentation of the epic action-adventure following the fairy tale with Stewart as Snow White and Theron as the Evil Queen will include a screening footage and a Q&A session.

Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola ( The Godfather, Apocalypse Now) will appear with musician Dan Deacon to present sequences from Coppola's latest film, Twixt, with a unique performance presentation involving the audience, followed by a Q&A session.

On the Immortals panel, the stars Henry Cavill and Freida Pinto ( Slumdog Millionaire) join director Tarsem Singh to showcase the 3D action-adventure about the epic Greek tale about Theseus's rampage as he sets out avenging his mother's killing. Also stars Mickey Rourke ( Iron Man) and Luke Evans ( Clash of the Titans).

Roger Baum (great grandson of L. Frank Baum), whose book was been adapted into Dorothy of Oz, appears with the crew and cast of the upcoming 2012 animated musical starring Lea Michele ( Glee), Megan Hilty ( Wicked), Martin Short (Tim Burton's Frankenweenie), and Patrick Stewart ( Star Trek, X-Men). Footage, music, and new cast announcements are in store.

Director Joss Whedon ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer) presents news about Buffy digital comics, plus most attendees hope he'll show footage from The Avengers, one of the most anticipated superhero films of 2012.

Among the comic book panels, Marvel's legendary Stan Lee joins the MTV Comics panel to present September Mourning, a multiplatform project blending comics and music in video, comic books, and live events, including upcoming digital book The Seekers, which will allow readers to collaborate.

Television has a strong presence at the Comic-Con conference, July 21-24, including MTV's Teen Wolf, the reboot of Charlie's Angels, The Vampire Diaries, Grimm, and more.

Terra Nova, a television show produced by Steven Spielberg and Brannon Braga ( 24, Star Trek: Enterprise) and starring Stephen Lang ( Avatar) will premiere footage to reveal this epic adventure about an ordinary family journeying back in time to prehistoric Earth as a part of an effort to save the human race.

Also, a huge part of Comic-Con is the toys, merchandise and collectables available, and Hasbro will unveil its latest line of designs for Marvel's Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Spider-Man.

The day ends with a premiere of Cowboys and Aliens by director Jon Favreau ( Iron Man) starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in a mash-up about an alien invasion of America's Old West.