Coppola reveals 'Twixt' tour plans at Comic-Con

Among all the events at Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend, a highlight for many was the return appearance of Francis Ford Coppola, who announced plans to take his new film Twixt on a 30-city tour.

The gothic murder mystery, set in a small northern California town, stars Val Kilmer as a writer on a book tour who gets involved in a murder mystery involving a young girl.

Excerpts from the film were screened at the conference, with electronic musician and performance artist Dan Deacon, who collaborated on the new film, performing the score live for conference attendees. Coppola then hit the shuffle button to remix the scenes, creating a different viewing experience.

Only specific sequences were played in 3D, which Coppola believes is preferable so that moviegoers can remove the glasses. Attendees received cardboard Edgar Allen Poe masks with polarized 3D lenses.

The director intends to take the film on the road later in 2011, where he and Deacon will add a combination of these live elements for a unique version in each location, reported Deadline Hollywood.

The horror movie also starring Elle Fanning ( Super 8) as a ghost named V and Bruce Dern ( Monster).