A-ha! Alan Partridge fans' plea to have 'Alpha Papa' film premiere in Norwich


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“Anglia Square Not Leicester Square” is the slogan of a campaign trying to encourage producers to hold the premiere of the Alan Partridge film Alpha Papa in Norwich.

Partridge is one of the city’s most famous sons, and at the time of writing, the campaign has nearly 5,000 “likes” on Facebook and its own theme song.

“More people would turn out to a premiere in Norwich than London,” Rafiq Turnbull, one of the campaign’s founders, told the Eastern Daily Press. “People would crowd the streets.”

“He’s parodied this city for so long,” he added. “London gets everything – this is a film about a much-loved Norwich character, so the premiere should be here.”

It wouldn’t be the first movie to break the Leicester Square monopoly. And in the last two months, two films about the Stone Roses, Made of Stone and Spike Island, have had their gala screenings in the band’s home town of Manchester. But if the plan takes off, will others follow and go back to their roots? World War Two films could be launched on Normandy beaches, Westerns in the desert and the press could fly to Siberia for Cold War thrillers...